how to look daft but make people laugh

Back in June Charlie convinced me that I should come and do a set at his brainchild comedy/philosophy night, Stand Up Philosophy. Seeing as I’m neither a philosopher nor a comedian I don’t really know what he was thinking, but I like saying yes to things I’ve never done before (seriously, try me). We agreed that I’d come and do it at a night themed ‘Time and Memory’.

I volunteered for that topic because I’ve just written a novel in which – I naively thought – the main themes were time and, yep, memory. Unsurprisingly, as the day got closer I realised that there was really very little in the book about time itself – or even very much about the technical processes of memory – and I wasn’t exactly qualified to give a talk about the philosophy of it. So I fudged things slightly and talked about the way our memories and the narratives we construct around our lives and our relationships affect us.

At some point I’d still like to write a blog based on some of these thoughts, but in the meantime here’s the video of me giving the only public talk I’ve ever done outside of a drunken bridesmaid speech (complete with question-heckles):

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