#CivilWarVintage on Terraform

I do write ‘proper’ ‘realist’ fiction as well as stuff that’s set forwards in time, back in time, bouncing around in time, in a parallel universe, or in a universe that’s sort of wedged inside this one, totally embedded but still discernable.

Anyway, one of those, a completely realist non-fantastical piece of literary whatever, has sneaked its way onto a science fiction site.

It’s called #CivilWarVintage and it’s up at Terraform, Vice’s SF section.

it’s a bit weird that both the science fiction stories I’ve had published have involved soldiers. They’re the only things I’ve ever written with a military slant, so it’s a total coincidence (unless stories about the military are more likely to be accepted, which is… not impossible, I suppose). But it’s not like I have a collection of stories about future armies coming out any time soon.

Also, Scrapmetal is really about economics, the military element is kind of a red-herring. And this one’s about social media/crowdsourcing. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scrapmetal in Arc magazine


My new story, Scrapmetal, is out now in issue 1.3 of Arc magazine, alongside excellent stories from Tim Maughan and Lavie Tidhar. Limited Edition by Tim Maughan is particularly brilliant – augmented reality, riotgaming and consumer culture.

I was also interviewed about Scrapmetal here by Brian David Johnson for Intel’s Tomorrow Project, which is a partner to Arc.

The story was illustrated *perfectly* by Simon Pemberton, whose portfolio is here.

You can see the art itself here and here. It’s great.

Get Arc 1.3 at arcfinity.org